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Boston Skyline on Flickr.

Skyline of Boston

Happy Thanksgiving 

Mount Erciyes | 3916m on Flickr.

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Erciyes is the highest mountain in central Anatolia, with its summit reaching 3,916 metres.

Texture Tutorial for Photoshop—A Simplified Approach on Flickr.

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Check out the latest Digital Polarization Tutorial for Photoshop



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Texture Tutorial — Adobe Photoshop

I like playing with digital blending on PS and one of the simplest applications is texturing an image (of course without the use of filters!) .

I have numerically labeled the images for your reference and this is how we proceed :

Step1 (Image Selection) — Take the image (1) and process it to get on to image (2).

Step2 (Texture Selection) — Select the texture you wish to render. One example is the vintage crushed-postcard in image (3). You can either scan a texture of your choice or google it. || Examples Tex 1, Tex 2 etc

Step3 (Texture Preparation) — This is an important step! We shall use the Distort Filter in photoshop and for this we need to make a texture map. This is done as follows,

Step3.1 Make a new image file and paste the texture there.
Step3.2 Now, desaturate the image (Ctrl+Shift+U in PC) and blur it (I prefer ‘Blur More’ filter or alternatively you can also use Gaussian Blur).
Step3.3 Save this file in PSD format by name ‘Texture_map.psd”.

Step4 (Texturing) — Keep your texture image (3) as background. Take the processed image (2) to a new layer above it (called ‘layer 1’). Keeping layer 1 selected, go to Filter-> Distort -> Displace. Select displace range to 5 pixels (I use this often). And apply the filter.

Step5 (Digital Blending) — Keeping ‘layer 1’ selected, change the image blending mode to multiply or soft light (depends on subjective selection, as you want!) and just play with the opacity of this layer and you are done!

Worked Out Examples :

Chemical Romance

Toits de Paris
▶ Postcard from Vannes
⌘ Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, India
Letter from Paris

Some other outputs Example#1, Example#2 One , Two


∎ The color balance of Texture image should be in sync with that of your foreground image. (Imagine how blue over yellow would look could be creative though).

∎ If you select a texture with great number of ridges you need to use a stronger blur (in STEP3.2). You don’t want to make your projection of image on the texture look like an artifact!

∎ You can’t move your layer 1 once you have applied the displace filter.

∎ Your image size should be less than or equal to your texture image.

∎ I Strongly Recommend you to view this Gallery.

There are many kind people who are willing to share their textures. Check this for example! Drop me a mail if you want your texture page to be added here.

Churches of Göreme, Turkey on Flickr.

Göreme is a district of the Nevşehir Province in Turkey.

The Grand Rue, Montreux on Flickr.

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View of the Grand Rue, Lake Geneva and the Dents du Midi, Montreux, Switzerland.

Skyline of Bern on Flickr.

Siblings from ÜrgüpThe Uçhisar CitadelEarly Morning Landscape in Central AnatoliaSunset over the Aegean Sea.

Turkey 2012, a set on Flickr.

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Istanbul, Central Anatolia and the Coast of Aegean Sea.
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